The general appearance of the German Shorthaired Pointer is that of an aristocrat, well-balanced animal with confirmation indicating power, endurance, and the look of intelligence and animation.

The GSP combines those qualities which have long popularized the breed. They have keen scenting powers linked with high intelligence. The breed through judicious crossing of the descendants of the old
Spanish Pointer, English Foxhound and Local German Tracking Hounds, have shown that so varied are this dog's field accomplishments, that its adaptability has earned it the reputation of being an all-purpose dog.

It is indeed rare to find wrapped up in one package the versatility of a staunchly pointing bird dog, a keen-nosed night trailer, a proven duck dog, a natural retriever on land and water. The GSP has pleasing confirmation and markings, great powers of endurance and most of all, an intelligent family watchdog and companion.

For more information on this breed, when considering your next gun dog or family companion, please contact:

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