Puppy Class exercises
1. Work on the basic
       Nice                   Down
       Watch                Touch
       Sit                      Follow
        Hide and seek - Come

2. Have you been to more than 3 classes?
Add   Circle to the left and right
 Over and under

3. Touch your puppy all over every day
Look in his mouth, ears, between toes

4. Daily  Hugs and Kisses




Remember you don't need alot of space to work with your dogs, just a small area will work. Always get your training space set up before you start training. Train for short periods of time, break them up throughout your day. Try to get in at least 20 minutes with your dog every day. 

Always start your sessions with "Watch" this gets you and your dog connected and ready to work.


session 1   Watch and Sit


It is impossible to teach puppy anything unless you have his attention. The "Watch Me" command not only gets the puppy's attention, but at this early age it also helps to reinforce the puppy's name.

In and enthusiastic voice say, "Puppy, Watch Me". When the puppy turns and looks towards you, reward him with the word "Nice", a treat and lots of praise. When you are certain he knows his name, you can then drop the name and just say "Watch me". Try to say his name only one time when you do say it, remember they can learn to count very quickly and will be waiting for you to say it several times before he leaves whatever distraction he is interested in. The most important part of this exercise is your Patience! Wait for the puppy to turn and look at you.

As the puppy learns to watch you, gradually lengthen the time he must look at you before being rewarded until he will hold his gaze for several seconds. 

Have fun. New game tommorrow  -Watch and Spin



This is a game that is used to proof the "watch" It will show you how well your dog understands the command to Watch. 

Once you think your dog has the concept of the "watch", 

1. Have your dog come to the front of you and sit, 

2. Hold a treat in each hand and extend your hands out, spreading your hands apart, your dog should look directly at you and not the cookie, then you may give him the cookies if you are certain he is concentrating on you. 

3. Put a cookie in your hand, tell puppy to "Watch" and do a quick spin 180 degrees. Your puppy should come around you and sit in front, once again looking you in the eye. 

4. Try this many times, once he understands, spin as quickly as you can and see if you can beat your puppy to the other direction. 

Have fun!


Today we are posting another short video to help you with your puppies. I want to explain about the exercise "Touch" before you work on it. 

Touch is an exercise you can use when your puppy does not respond to Come or if you need to get their attention while walking or if you need something to do to use when you meet and greet others. 


Begin with serveral treats in your LEFT hand

Extend your hand, palm up towards your puppy, Allow her to reach out and touch your palm with her nose. When she touches your palm/hand, reward with a treat from your RIGHT hand. Once the puppy understands this game, you can make it harder by trading the hadn that the treats are in. DO NOT treat from the 'touch" hand. The word "touch" at this point refers to ONLY your hand!

Touch is a game that can be used for many activities: Teaching the names of toys, Greeting strangers...

Touch is like a slot machine - when the puppy touches your hand, he gets a treat. (drive-bys  are not allowed, they must come forward and touch your hand)

When greeting a stranger: Have the person extend their hand toward the puppy and say "touch". This helps to eliminate the act of jumping on a person moving up to the puppy. Once the puppy knows the game, he should touch the extended hand.   Have fun!




Good morning,

Today the short video is on teaching your puppy to follow, sit front, sit close, and getting familiar with your puppy. Again I would like to remind you that these lessions should not take the place of a puppy socialization class, that is still very important. These lessions should just be a help to keep your puppy moving forward in training. Have fun.  

Session 4

Introducing new surfaces.

It is very important to introduce your puppy to new sounds and surfaces. Try and introduce a new sound and a new surface every few days. This short video are only a few of the things you might have around the house that are unfamiliar to your puppy.